We invite you to embark on a new journey by completing one of our 6 pre-designed itineraries intended to introduce you to something new and fun in our area. Maybe trekking some nature trails, or raising your adrenaline with bungee jumping entices you? Or maybe you would like some date ideas—whatever the case, we have a pre-planned itinerary that is a perfect fit for you. When you complete an itinerary,  you will earn an Explore RGV badge. Complete all 6 itineraries and receive all 6 badges, and you will be deemed an official Explore RGV Tour Guide!



1) Choose an itinerary.

2) Visit all of the locations listed on that itinerary page.*

3) You do not have to be a family to complete the “Families” itinerary, nor do you have to be on a date to complete the “Romantics” itinerary.

4) Prove your completion of each place by taking a photo and posting it on the location’s listing page

5) In addition to uploading a photo, rate the location and leave a review of your experience on the listing page.

6) Submit and earn a badge. You are now on the way to becoming an official Explore RGV Tour Guide!

7) Thinking of completing each of the six itineraries? Earn countless perks and an opportunity to become and official Explore RGV Tour Guide.



Now you can say you have explored the multitude of regions of the Valley, and become an official tour guide with our Explore RGV tour guide badge. To do this you will need to do the following:

1) Successfully complete each of the six itineraries listed on the Explore an Itinerary page.

2) Make sure to complete the details listed under the “Itinerary Rules” section.

3) Submit the Explore RGV Tour Guide form.

4) One of our members will verify the completion of each guided tour badge and issue you (via email) a digital member card.  

5) You will then have editorial access to upload photos and videos to Facebook page and Facebook story on the Explore RGV Facebook page. Upload images of your experiences and entice more people to explore the Rio Grande Valley! You will also have the option to add yourself as a team member to the Explore RGV Facebook page “About” section.

6) Receive additional perks of reporting new hidden gems, fun activities, and the best restaurants in the Valley.



*The locations do not have to be in order.

*If you happen to be in a location where experiences from two different itineraries are, feel free to go back and forth. For example if you’re already in Mcallen, jump from “Romantics” to “Wayfarer.”